G√∂rbevonalz√≥    aka    Curved-ruler


Something about this collection. I'm seeking for and creating visual oddities. This page is about my works and interests - mainly, but not only programming. I enjoy coding, seeing the machine doing exactly what I told it to do. Also computing, seeing the numbers and algorithms behind seemingly very complex systems. There is one more thing, I love making mistakes. It is true, you can analyse them, learn from them, but what is important for me, they can be very, very funny.


3 dimensional cellular automata (sketch)

3D models

Projection methods (also donwnload of old Java program)
Objector New page for trying out the methods (WebGL)

OpenGL game started: Illusion of a New World


Voronoi interactive distance function

Stereographic projection of a 4d sphere spirals

Discrete Fourier Transformation (DFT)


Links to the interesting corners of the internet
Feature films (mostly animated) and my personal rating