Word Generator

The algorithm is in the book "Claude Shannon - The Mathematical Theory of Communication".
We try to guess the next character based on the preceding N-1 characters. (And some statistical properties of the given language)

Java program to download (executable, source and readme)

Example generated strings based on Hamlet

N = 2
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N = 3
th you my fied but prit be forapast bord iii he a pe and ren of cauddius theron hat thou firlia be i her willia pre cloo'ereader bel kno ack way to usin re me ne se a men whamlet yought up lorge bef con th let you sall ther foreartest nownio ent he the th dius why al clorgerest younny lood hame such hour tion goot aself halm all'nat ' fat the ungs hato'end bute 'tio shoseet thus rifeen terece do sigh ime yout it deasout whou hamlet and haven ted quill swor gair that day de not th wit be for i sky cand for licue grithe goords amlet in marrocus madvaideat seve your trief expord men why nonver not seave exact ands mand not young arms stion to have dingent hat hist i picely offerpris hims withre his a clonow dence yormstlet ay botion be ass and thow tes norlond name on cume honnothe a now i astagain on my you ase mis shous histimptionzang ne ke mantestly shaim tionforanto mour thy -- hin ost sing buttis belet havill thibles your for comenabs 't ing of you kine wil doccen hold majes ancener

N = 4
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